House Clearance

With years of experience in clearing properties and moving unwanted items, we can ensure a stress-free process.

Whether you’re a landlord, home owner or you’ve inherited a property from a deceased relative, we can help. At Lincoln Removals we pride ourselves on our professional approach and customer satisfaction, especially when dealing with sensitive belongings.

Our services apply to full house contents or single items with no job too big or too small. All unwanted items are disposed of in a responsible manner as we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

We don’t just clear houses, we can also clear out your garages, outbuildings and gardens too, saving you the hassle of having to hire vans or skips, not to mention the hard labour. If you’re looking to declutter your house why not give us a call? Before you know it our friendly staff will be taking your clutter away.

7 Benefits of our House Clearance Service

  1. Provides more space in the home by removing unwanted items and clutter. This can help to create a more organized and functional living environment, making it easier to navigate and enjoy.

  2. Helps to de-stress and declutter the home, improving overall mental well-being. Clutter and disorganization can contribute to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, so clearing it out can have a positive impact on mental health.

  3. Assists in preparing a home for sale or rental. A house clearance service can help to stage a home to make it more attractive to potential buyers or renters, potentially increasing its value.

  4. Helps to dispose of hazardous materials and waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Many house clearance services are experienced in safely disposing of materials such as old electronics or chemicals, reducing the potential for harm to people and the environment.

  5. Can provide valuable items to charity, helping to support local communities. Many house clearance services have relationships with local charities and organizations that can benefit from the items that are removed from the home.

  6. Can uncover hidden treasures or items of sentimental value that may have been forgotten. Going through the process of a house clearance can help to reveal items that have been tucked away and forgotten, giving them new life and bringing back memories.

  7. Saves time and effort compared to tackling a clearance project alone. A house clearance service can handle the entire process, from sorting through items to disposing of them, saving homeowners the time and effort of doing it themselves.

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