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The Flexibility of Self Storage: Tailored to Your Needs

Lincoln Removals know that your valuables can be important to you for any number of reasons, and that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

With that in mind, we recommend Selfstore 24-7 who offer you a range of long and short-term storage solutions that’s as wide as the things you value the most. For short-term storage, there’s our highly secure space in Lincoln, where you can rest assured that your possessions will be well-looked after.

Alternatively, for longer term storage, you can always rent one of their flexible, dependable shipping containers. With a 10 X 20 foot space, there’s plenty of room for all the things that matter most to you.

7 Benefits of our Storage Solutions

  1. Provides flexibility and convenience, as customers can access their storage unit at any time, including outside of regular business hours.
  2. Allows for quick and easy access to stored items, without the need to coordinate with specific facility hours.
  3. Provides peace of mind, as customers can access their unit in case of an emergency or unexpected need.
  4. Can be beneficial for businesses that may need to access their storage unit outside of regular business hours.
  5. Can provide a more secure solution, as customers can access their unit when the facility is less busy and less likely to be targeted by burglars.
  6. Allows for more efficient use of time, as customers can access their unit whenever it is convenient for them.
  7. Can be particularly useful for those who have busy schedules or who live far from the storage facility.

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